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Why should you visit a Mopar service center?

Regardless of whether you drive a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep®, Ram, FIAT® or another brand vehicle, we offer fast and professional service for nearly all makes and models.

  • Fast and convenient service
  • No appointment needed
  • Service for nearly all makes and models
  • Complimentary multi-point inspection
  • Tires and other services available
  • Coupons and Rebates for extra savings
  • Factory-trained, certified technicians

Backed by the World's Best Brands Mopar® Express Lane uses parts and products from the most trusted automotive brands.

Mopar® Express Lane uses only genuine Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep®, Ram and FIAT® Brand parts. All parts have been tested to ensure function, fit and finish of original specifications.
Magneti Marelli® parts are used on all other makes and models. Magneti Marelli has been a leader in both quality and innovation for 95 years and counting.
Mopar® Express Lane recommends Pennzoil® Motor Oil. We also offer the highest quality Pennzoil synthetic oil, keeping your engine clean and extending the life of your oil change for an even greater value.

The lifeblood of your Vehicle

The importance of regular oil changes can’t be overstated in keeping your engine running smoothly. Schedule an appointment with our highly trained technicians for help in finding the right oil for your needs or drop in for Express Lane service.

The Many Benefits of Engine Oil At its most basic, oil keeps your engine running. It also serves a number of other functions that help to prolong the life of your vehicle.

  • Friction Reduction
  • Heat Reduction
  • Engine Cleaning
  • Weather Tolerance
  • Rust and Corrosion Prevention
  • Improved Performance

How to Read your Tires

A vehicle asks a lot of its tires. By learning how to identify wear and decipher your tire's sidewalls, you'll be better prepared to deal with the issues that arise when rubber meets road.

tire wear chart


  • Goodyear
  • Dunlop
  • Kelly
  • Bridgestone®
  • Firestone
  • Michelin®
  • BFGoodrich
  • Uniroyal
  • Continental
  • General
  • Yokohama®
  • Pirelli®
  • Falken
  • Ohtsu
  • Hankook
  • Nexen
  • Toyo
  • Nitto

Stop on a Dime

Make sure your brakes are functioning at their best with expert service from Mopar®. Learn how to spot signs of wear and what to do about them as well as how to extend the life of your brakes and what to look for when shopping for new brake pads and rotors.

Benefits of Magneti Marelli Brakes, offered by MoparMagneti Marelli brakes, offered by Mopar®, stand out from the competition. Learn what makes them so effective and what to look for when shopping for brake pads.

  • Ultra-Quiet Braking
  • New Brake Hardware
  • Superior Braking Performance
  • Rigorously Tested
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

How can I extend the life of my brakes? The way you drive will make a significant impact on the life of your brakes. Avoid having to make hard stops by maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles and coasting to a stop when possible. Pay attention to any unusual noises or vibrations when braking and get them checked out—early intervention can avoid costly repairs.

How do I know when my brakes need to be replaced? By the time you notice the most obvious signs of brake wear, such as squealing or grinding noises when you brake, juddering or longer stopping distances, it may be too late for an easy fix. Regularly inspect your brakes, paying attention to the thickness of your brake pads and to any indicator lights on your dashboard. Also, you should make note of the recommended service intervals for your brakes and take your vehicle in for regular maintenance.

What causes my brakes to overheat? The friction from braking results in heat. When you brake aggressively or hold down the brake for a long time (such as when going downhill with a heavy load), it can put a lot of pressure on your braking system and can even “glaze” your brake pads by wearing them down to the point that they have trouble generating enough friction to stop. You can avoid overheating your brakes by driving more cautiously, downshifting instead of pressing the brakes to slow your vehicle and by staying on top of regular maintenance of your brakes.

How to Extend the Life of Your Battery

The average battery will last three to five years, but you can ensure that your battery’s lifespan will be in the higher end of that range with these tips.

  • Clean Your Battery
  • Limit Heat Exposure
  • Avoid Short Trips
  • Clamp Your Batteries
  • Turn Off Extra Features
  • Test Your Battery

How do I choose the right battery for my vehicle?Generally, a battery provided by your vehicle manufacturer or an original equipment manufacturer will be specifically designed for your vehicle, ensuring a seamless replacement. Mopar® stocks batteries for current-model FCA US LLC vehicles, so you can find the right one for your needs.

How do I recharge the battery? If your battery has no charge at all, you can use a battery charger to recharge it. Check the instructions on your charger and make sure that your vehicle and the charger are off before connecting any cables.

How do I know when my battery needs to be replaced? Look for signs that your battery may be nearing the end of its life, like electrical issues, a slow-starting engine or a check engine light on your display. When examining the battery directly, look for corrosion on the terminals, a sulfurous smell that could indicate leakage or a bloated or swollen battery case.

road hazard tire &
wheel protection

for as low as $145, get full repair or replacement cost

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The Benefits of Synthetic

  • Reduced strain on your battery and engine
  • Better performance in extreme high and low temperatures
  • Improved oil longevity
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About Airpark Dodge Chrysler Jeep

Airpark Dodge Chrysler Jeep is your authorized Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge or Ram dealership service center, offering competitive pricing on all automotive repairs. Our factory-trained technicians can service any make or model vehicle for everything from routine maintenance to major repairs.

Dealer Conveniences

  • Shuttle Service Available
  • Spanish Speaking
  • Free WiFi
  • We Have Early Bird Hours
  • We Offer Mopar Accessories
  • We Offer Mopar Performance Parts
  • Certified Technicians

Call (480) 751-4211 today to schedule your next appointment.

Our technicians at Airpark Dodge Chrysler Jeep are ready to help you!
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Customer Reviews

  • ★★★★ Ronald Estrada
    Going to the Dentist is More Pleasurable Than Dealing with Airpark Jeep This review is for Airpark Jeep (based on multiple conversation with John), John Otero (Service Manager) and Miles Robinson (Jeep Area Representative) Airpark Jeep- 1 Star -Per my conversation with John Otero, the dealership will need to get an approval from Je | Read Full Review
    9/12/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ Jeff Littrell
    My vehicle purchase was probably 13+ years ago. They were deceptive and lied about the used vehicle I purchased. It had a crash reported on it and they lied about it. I wish I was on top of the Carfax back then. I have not and will not go back. | Read Full Review
    9/8/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ Paul Parsons
    Horrible experience my truck came with a shattered window they wouldn't fix. To this day still don't have the paperwork to get my plate. Cant get anyone to call go ANYWERE else! | Read Full Review
    9/6/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ pparsons
    Horrible experience my truck came with a shattered window they wouldn't fix. To this day still don't have the paperwork to get my plate. Cant get anyone to call go ANYWERE else! | Read Full Review
    9/6/2023 12:00:00 AM | DealerRater
  • ★★★★ BRANT KIRK
    My wife and I bought a new Jeep Wrangler from here in early July. After we signed the papers and were getting ready to leave, the salesman told me the vehicle only had one key, but the dealership would provide a second key. It has been nearly two months, and I still have only one key. When I ask the salesperson, he says he doesn't | Read Full Review
    9/2/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ ciaran1972
    Gladiator for its oil change. Came in at 2pm on August 26th, and like I always do, removed my pistol from the holster I have down by the gear shifter, and put it deep in the center console, and covered it. When I picked up the vehicle, the first thing I always do is put it back, so it's within reach. Well, it wasn't there. Called the | Read Full Review
    8/28/2023 12:00:00 AM | DealerRater
  • ★★★★★ Kevin
    Glenn Ryan was my car salesman and Michael Gutierrez worked me with on financing. Let me describe the entire purchase process from beginning to end. On February 1, 2023 I submitted a factory order for the last call dodge challenger with Glenn Ryan. The process went smooth and they did not add a markup to my car. That was the main rea | Read Full Review
    8/26/2023 12:00:00 AM | DealerRater
  • ★★★★ Ciaran Mullins
    REVIEW UPDATE 8/26/23 Brought in my Jeep for scheduled oil change at 2pm. Stayed at dealership, picked up at 3.30pm. Pistol stolen from the center console. Scottsdale PD were called. Unreal, to be honest. There is no need to open my center console. Yes, I should have removed it and / or locked it, but I've been coming here 10 years, | Read Full Review
    8/26/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Walt Klies
    Great buying experience. Clayton & George were very helpful in finding the vehicle (Jeep Wrangler 4xe) that we were looking for. Very knowledgeable on the product. The purchase was almost painless, very straight forward pricing information on all our options. The closing went smoothly. Everyone we dealt with at the dealership made th | Read Full Review
    8/14/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ Steve
    Bought my car almost 3 weeks ago. Was told I’d be receiving an email for the 4 years of Mopar Maintenance I purchased (never got), an odometer statement for my trade in (never got), and an alignment appointment email or call (never got either). The actual buying process was pretty simple but the back end is absolutely horrible. Would | Read Full Review
    8/7/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Isabella Moreno
    HUGE shout out to Clayton and the sales manager Brandon, finance manager, Eddie! My husband and I went to get a truck yesterday and to make a long story short we got the wrong type of truck and we went back today and explained the situation and without any hesitation or questioning, Clayton understood what went wrong and Brandon just | Read Full Review
    7/30/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ Al G
    I bought a Jeep from them. I am states away and asked over and over again if there were any defects or damage. Mario Perez the salesman was a continuous liar.... he failed to disclose simple things like a cracked driver's door panel and two half dollar stains on the hood. Stay away from Mario Perez he's a complete liar. The | Read Full Review
    7/30/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ Gregg Summers
    I had a brake repair made on my 2016 Dodge Ram. After getting the vehicle back I was driving around and noticed that the brakes felt a little spongy. A little while later I approached a stop light and the brake pedal went all the way to the floor. Luckily there was just enough stopping power left to prevent me from hitting the car | Read Full Review
    7/17/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ M
    Terrible transaction and would never return to this dealer. I have leased MANY cars prior; I am NOT a novice to paperwork or the leasing process. During negotiations, we agreed on “total cash due at signing”. When I was in Finance, the associate attempted to say I also needed to make my first payment which is absolutely incorrect. Th | Read Full Review
    7/8/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ Grant Oulton
    Bought a brand new 2022 Ram 2500 Power Wagon and have had nothing but issues with it! The truck has been in the service department about 8 times now and they haven't fixed the problem yet! Every time they have a new excuse! Also Joe is the absolute worst service advisor you can get! He never calls you back never orders the parts need | Read Full Review
    7/5/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
    6/27/23-Everyone was very friendly and Kyle Heckathorn, on my very first visit to the dealership was very prompt for my appointment, active listening & acknowledging, and knowledgeable to ALL my questions and needs during the visit. My quoted completion time was accomplished in 30 minutes less time than anticipated even during an ext | Read Full Review
    6/28/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ tlabarre98
    Was on my way to test drive a vehicle that I was going to buy. Asked earlier in the day if it was available to check out and drive. Was told it was and to swing by. Got a text half way on my trip over saying they couldn’t get the key because the service dept is locked and they are closed today. | Read Full Review
    6/25/2023 12:00:00 AM | DealerRater
  • ★★★★ Brad Jamison
    Went there to test drive a truck. They took $500 deposit from my credit card and said it would not be submitted unless I did not bring back truck. Brought truck right back but they submitted the charge and now will not help to credit back my account. They're your best freind if they think you'll buy a car but wont help resolve a pr | Read Full Review
    6/21/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Rodolfo Damian
    Without a doubt I will be back the customer service alone is what made me a solid customer very appreciative to the ones who helped me Rob,Cristian and the Manager thank you for everything you guys made it possible for me to start with something really great can't wait till I come back and see what else I take home! Thank you to the | Read Full Review
    6/8/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ thurbz
    Stay away from Airpark Dodge Chrysler Jeep. Read the negative reviews because they are telling the truth. This dealership is riddled with post-sale issues and accountability. We leased a Jeep Wrangler 4xe on April 23, 2023 from the salesperson Andrew/Drew, and the vehicle has been great thus far. What has not been great, is that we h | Read Full Review
    5/11/2023 12:00:00 AM | DealerRater
  • ★★★★★ Alexandra Merejo
    Jon K and his team always take great care of me!! They make sure to educate me on what my vehicle needs and always make great suggestions for the health of my Alfa Romeo Stelvio. Thank you Fellas!! | Read Full Review
    5/10/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ Ryan T
    Stay away from Airpark Dodge Chrysler Jeep. Read the negative reviews because they are telling the truth. This dealership is riddled with post-sale issues and accountability. We leased a Jeep Wrangler 4xe on April 30th, 2023 from the salesperson Andrew/Drew, and the vehicle has been great thus far. What has not been great, is that w | Read Full Review
    5/10/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Antonio Guerrero
    I recently purchased a vehicle from this dealership through Drew(salesperson), Val(manager) and Eddie(finance). The process was extremely smooth and efficient. I have purchased over 25 vehicles and am leery of dealing with most car dealerships but I cannot give a higher recommendation to this team. Very professional! | Read Full Review
    5/7/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Cruz English
    Amazing service department, I bring my Alfa Romeo for service and deal with Jon Kenny and decided to bring my Chrysler here after bill Luke in Phoenix and Tempe Chrysler service didn’t wanna help me with a fuel tank replacement covered under warranty. Will definitely be bringing my Mopar issues to AirPark from here on out. Jacob on t | Read Full Review
    5/6/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ JamokeBob
    I've downgraded my rating. I bought a new Jeep in 2017 and the purchase experience was great. The service experience was good also up until a couple years ago. My service advisor Richard is not reliable and is not 100% honest. Hardly calls back and does not provide updates. He argues with the customer instead of solving the problem. | Read Full Review
    5/1/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ Justin Svejkovksy
    | Read Full Review
    5/1/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Human Beast
    Wow, another great experience. I already left a 5 star when i bought my truck back in 2016... So I thought id make another review for my experience with the Service Advisor, Richard Small. I couldn't of asked for a better person to deal with. Very communicative, very professional on checking my truck in, keeping me informed throughou | Read Full Review
    4/27/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Jana Randolph
    | Read Full Review
    4/26/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ Dan Olson
    Eric Kettleson put in a lot work to get and install the options that my truck was ordered with but didn’t arrive with, as well as adding some aftermarket Mopar accessories that I ordered , and he stuck with it even through all the unique obstacles that kept coming up. I’d rate him 5 stars and I truly appreciate his dedication. Airpar | Read Full Review
    4/24/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Andrew Campo
    Airpark Dodge Chrysler and Jeep brings first class service to another level. I recently purchased a vehicle and was so impressed by their attention to detail and customer service. They have an assortment of color combinations and packages for anyone’s liking. Tim Herman and his team made my car buying experience special. Tim sets th | Read Full Review
    4/16/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ pavan kumar
    They do super fake promises. They said they are going to give me mats but they didn’t give me nothing. | Read Full Review
    4/11/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ Anthony Tyler
    This service place here is the worst. They had my jeep for three weeks for a recall in the ignition. Supposedly they fixed it called me to come pick it up and it would not start kept insisting that I take it home and they fix the recall that something else was the issue, I finally get it home. and investigate and the technician had s | Read Full Review
    4/5/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ Adam Schwarz
    It's very hard to trust this place, I just took my Jeep in for an oil change and the service summary report the gave me after says they inspected my vehicle and marked everything 'checked and ok'. In the next few days, I've had a headlight go out, my brakes are now squeaking, and the acceleration seems off. The service rep that I wor | Read Full Review
    4/3/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ Sky Mercado
    I had bought my new Jeep 2023 all exited on October of 2022. Turns out that the next day I pick up my new SUV TVs were not working at all. It took few weeks to get one tv working but men months battle ling with this dealer to get my 2nd tv to be fixed, there engineer person did not know how to fix it so they decide to just leave it u | Read Full Review
    3/20/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Lana Wright
    Thank you Kyle Hackathorn for you outstanding service on my Chrysler 2014 300s. You are always following through. You are the best Service writer I have had??…. | Read Full Review
    3/17/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ robert scott
    Ran my credit application a week or so ago. Now no response to my email or any updates so that's cool. Do not understand how a simple reply of yes or no you are approved/ can work on something. Unprofessional and added hard inquiry's to my credit for no apparent reason. Understanding me out of state is less than convenient but still. | Read Full Review
    3/17/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ jessica mcdonald
    Made an appointment to bring our Dodge Ram 2500 in for a long overdue recall. Appointment was made for Tuesday morning, vehicle was dropped off Monday evening. After our service advisor didn’t return three calls, we called the service manager Thursday and was told there was 30 vehicles in front of ours. They had it torn apart but the | Read Full Review
    3/11/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ leslie duran
    I wouldn’t recommend visiting the service department at this dealership. I took my vehicle in for warranty and the vehicle was repaired but at the cost of a broken vacuum tube and clips not properly placed. Now my vehicle makes a vacuum leak noise and my car looks like a mess underneath the hood. Richard tried to tell me that my car | Read Full Review
    3/6/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ C F
    I would not recommend this place to buy a vehicle unless you enjoy high pressure sales tactics. Once you test drive the vehicle they bring you inside to talk to there supervisor. I had Matt and he was" slick". First he comes in with too high of a quote and I was going to leave. Matt comes back with a new agreed price saying it i | Read Full Review
    3/3/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ E S
    The salespeople here will waste your time and talk down to you. They don't timely return calls or emails. RUN AWAY and don't do business here. If I could leave less than 1-star I would. | Read Full Review
    3/1/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ Taye Baker
    This is by far the worst car dealership I have ever dealt with. They slammed a $2,000 warranty into my lease without my consent and completely lied about it. Since my lease payment didn’t change I didn’t realize they did it until I looked over my paperwork after I left. Nobody will return a phone call to fix it. I was offered a “free | Read Full Review
    3/1/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ Tuned Daily Drivers
    Really shady dealership. The sales people and the GSM just give the run around. The finance people slam warranty’s. I would highly recommend going to Tempe Jeep. They treated me much better. | Read Full Review
    3/1/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ Tuned Daily Drivers
    Horrible dealership. Super shady. Don’t go here! They slam warranties. Lie to you about it after, I would never recommend someone coming here. Go to Tempe Jeep instead. They have some morals. | Read Full Review
    3/1/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Justin Svejkovsky
    I had a great experience here and would recommend people go here. Don’t go to Bill Luke, they lie. | Read Full Review
    2/21/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ Tiffany Martin
    Worst service ever!! I bought my vehicle here a year ago and it has been the worst year of my life. From buying the vehicle, dealing with a horrible sales person, dealing with a horrible finance person and now having to go back and deal with them again because after a year the paperwork still isn’t correct. They didn’t uphold to the | Read Full Review
    2/15/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Wane Farens
    I've been going to Airpark Jeep for over 10 years. I've always have had a great experience with work needing to be done. Richard one of the service adviser is top notch, a great guy to work with, kept me informed about eveything related to my issue. | Read Full Review
    2/9/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Dan the Man
    Great to meet a knowledgable, informative yet not pushy salesman. Steven Vismale was very helpful and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone interested in Dodge Jeep vehicles! Dan | Read Full Review
    1/29/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ Howard Keylin
    Service department is a joke. I had an appointment first thing Friday morning. When I drop off my car they tell me they are backed up and won't get to it until sometime Monday and that I have to leave it with them to get it serviced. The service writer was nice enough, but that is an awful way to deal with customers. | Read Full Review
    1/27/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ Gabe S
    I brought my wife's jeep Patriot in for some mechanical maintenance. She has a bumper to bumper warranty which is supposed to cover all mechanical work and provide a rental. After 2 weeks of paying for my own rental and having my phone calls dodged by Airpark's service advisor and service manager Reuben Trujillo and Todd Lineman, res | Read Full Review
    1/26/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ alwz38
    Hello, I would like to apologize for my behavior at our appointment. I hope it is accepted and as I am sure, a lot of bad behavior has occurred due to the treatment of the customer by the service associate. While it was wrong of me, I need you to understand just how that button was pushed. First of all, I had an appointment the middl | Read Full Review
    1/24/2023 12:00:00 AM | DealerRater
  • ★★★★ Mandi Bullock
    This dealership is extremely unprofessional. The service department comes with an attitude and refuses to do their job. They have had our car for almost 2 weeks without even coming close to a diagnosis. They refuse to answer phone calls and prefer to communicate with us through text message, and that’s very rarely. The service direct | Read Full Review
    1/17/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ James Bullock
    This is an absolutely horrible dealership to do business with . I brought my car in to have warranty work done on it and I have had nothing but problems . I brought the car in on January 6th and can not get a response as to what is even wrong with the car. It is now January 17th .The service department is not returning phone calls an | Read Full Review
    1/17/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
    Beware of their OfferUp bait and switch. They reach out to people selling their cars on OfferUp telling them that they can “come close to their asking price.” When you get to the Dealership, a sales rep will ask if you had picked out a new car (they’re trying to get you to buy a new car from them, instead of actually giving you an of | Read Full Review
    1/12/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Angela
    I had the best sales man Stanley Elias... he listened to what I needed and what I wanted. Stanley was kind and professional! He got me a great deal. Stanley took extra time show the features I my new truck. I would send anyone to Stanley! Thank you to all that helped me Stanley, Ethan and Brandon:) | Read Full Review
    1/7/2023 12:00:00 AM | DealerRater
  • ★★★★ Wedad Halum
    I called because I had an issue with my vehicle . Nobody answers . I was on hold for 20 mins . She said she couldn’t get my car in until Jan 17 for service - mind ya it’s a brand new car . The check engine light came on and it won’t let me reverse .. I asked if I can speak to someone in service to help me she said everyone is busy . | Read Full Review
    1/5/2023 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Silent day Film co
    Stanley Elias was awesome. Made my experience a great one. Kudos. Thank you for the follow up. | Read Full Review
    1/1/2023 12:00:00 AM | DealerRater
  • ★★★★★ James Vosmik
    I would highly recommend Airpark Dodge Chrysler Jeep in Scottsdale, if you are looking for a new jeep grand Cherokee. Stanley Elias, a sales associate helped me. He was extremely knowledgeable about the product and very courteous not only during the process of buying but his follow up after the purchase. | Read Full Review
    12/31/2022 12:00:00 AM | DealerRater
  • ★★★★★ adriankcamacho
    Bought my niece, a new Jeep Wrangler. Stanley was very helpful and knowledgeable. He explained everything to us and follow through on every promise. Highly recommend Stanley at Airpark Jeep | Read Full Review
    12/31/2022 12:00:00 AM | DealerRater
  • ★★★★★ Nick Miller
    Luke Hart helped me out a lot when I came in to look at Jeeps. He helped me narrow down the trim package I wanted and engine. My brand new Jeep Rubicon is the best car I’ve owned and I will definitely be a return customer. | Read Full Review
    12/31/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Taylor Challey
    Luke from airpark was such a big help! Got me into a new Jeep Wrangler 4xE and was very knowledgeable! I highly recommend! | Read Full Review
    12/31/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Don S
    Went in not expecting to find a car but Gabriel S managed to find me a Jeep Grand Cherokee that fit both my needs and budget. This was one of the smoothest car buying experiences I’ve had. Will be coming here again for my next car. | Read Full Review
    12/31/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ eternalDreamer876
    I got my used car here and worked with Gabriel Soto. It was my first time getting a car from an actual dealership instead of an online listing, so I was a little nervous, but Gabriel was super understanding and patient and communicative throughout the process. He never let me feel forgotten while I was waiting for paperwork to finali | Read Full Review
    12/31/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Isaiah Saleem
    steven is a great salesman. i recommend airpark dodge. | Read Full Review
    12/31/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Liana Mollo
    Ashlynn was fantastic with helping my boyfriend Mangas and I find a great new truck. Thank you for all of your help! | Read Full Review
    12/31/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ M. Torres
    Had a couple of horrible experiences with dealerships, came here and Levi really helped me and my gf very quickly. Car is amazing and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a car! | Read Full Review
    12/31/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ steve ehlert
    Staff was amazing and helped me in everything I asked for. I recommend Airpark Dodge | Read Full Review
    12/31/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Esme Hernandez
    Amazing service! Had second thoughts on buying but I would recommend Gabe to help you out. He’s a great salesman and gave me good info on buying a Jeep Cherokee. Air Park is an honest and helpful dealership, will definitely come back again. | Read Full Review
    12/31/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ Robert Garcia
    Stan was great! Purchased a used Jeep. | Read Full Review
    12/31/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Travion Campbell
    My salesperson Javonta Walker was great. He made the process at Airpark Dodge easy and fast. I would suggest asking him if you need a vehicle. | Read Full Review
    12/29/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ ADubz
    I went to Airpark not really expecting much. I have been shopping for a SUV for the past couple months but Lucas P did a great job at helping me get into a new Grand Cherokee. Thank all you guys for your help and I will be referring my family and friends over to you! | Read Full Review
    12/29/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Joell Edwards
    I was really pleased speaking to Javonte Walker at Airpark Jeep in the used car section. Very knowledgeable and patient. He will work with you. So stop in and ask for Javonte. Thanks again Javonte | Read Full Review
    12/29/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Justin K
    I worked with Lucas Pauley, very friendly and took the time to go through every detail of the car with us. Our family loves our new Jeep and will definitely come back to shop with Lucas in the future! | Read Full Review
    12/29/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Ki Boss
    Javonta was very knowledgeable and helpful when I went to Airpark Dodge to look for a Ram 1500. He also got me a great deal. | Read Full Review
    12/29/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Erin Lampinen
    Wonderful experience, came to purchase my first new car. My salesman was extremely helpful. Levi walked me through the whole process, making it seamless. Highly recommend! | Read Full Review
    12/29/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Monea James
    Jaconta Walker was amazing! It was a very pleasant experience surprisingly. Usually buying a new car is very stressful. That was not the case here. All of the available cars were in great shape with low miles. My less than perfect credit score did not affect me getting a really nice vehicle | Read Full Review
    12/29/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Ashley James
    I’m so glad I came here! Just moved to the state and needed a new car. I’ve purchased from Dodge before, but this is the best experience I’ve ever had. My salesman, Gabe, was so helpful and personable. I’ll be referring all my friends to come and see him. | Read Full Review
    12/29/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Charmain Sablon
    Javonta Walker at Airpark Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM is phenomenal! He let me know exactly what I was up against with the credit I had, and never gave up on trying to get me what I wanted! Thank you Mr. Walker!! | Read Full Review
    12/29/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Tim Knauf
    Recently purchased a Dodge Charger from Lucas Pauley. He was extremely knowledgeable and extremely professional. His friendly demeanor and knowledge made it a seamless transaction. Recommend Lucas to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle! | Read Full Review
    12/29/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ John Graham
    Mario Perez was great in our purchase of a Grand Wagoneer and Grand Cherokee at Airpark Dodge Chrysler Jeep. Highly recommend him if you are in the market for a new car! | Read Full Review
    12/29/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Eric Quintana
    Lucas by far has been the best salesman I’ve ever experienced. He understood all of my needs and made this process very easy. I was out of the dealership in less than 2 hours. I highly recommend Lucas!!! | Read Full Review
    12/29/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Lenniz588
    Javonta Walker at Airpark Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM is phenomenal! He let me know exactly what I was up against with the credit I had, and never gave up on trying to get me what I wanted! Thank you Mr. Walker!! | Read Full Review
    12/29/2022 12:00:00 AM | DealerRater
  • ★★★★★ Lenniz588
    They really try to work with you, and make sure the deal works for you! | Read Full Review
    12/29/2022 12:00:00 AM | DealerRater
  • ★★★★★ L Z
    I came to Airpark looking for a Ram 1500. I worked with a team of great people and I would highly recommend Levi, Cameron Fisher and the team. It was a super quick and easy and no pressure. Thank you to everyone! I love my new truck! | Read Full Review
    12/28/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Kayla Edwards
    Javonta Walker was a great sales man during the lot sale and at the dealership. He was very attentive to my requests upon looking for a car for my mom. The determination he displayed to help me (even when I was difficult) was upmost professional. Thank you for all your help. Airpark is a great place with great staff to buy a car at! | Read Full Review
    12/28/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Sacred Fire Culture
    We needed a vehicle for the company and had to meet certain specifications and price amounts. Mario Perez was able to find the right Jeep Cherokee for us at the right Price. We recommend Airpark for their professional staff and quality products. They had plenty of inventory and options. | Read Full Review
    12/28/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Tiffany Hall
    I stopped by just to look at the cars they had available. Levi stopped me, offered his help and answered any questions I had. Super nice and no pressure to buy. Will definitely be back! | Read Full Review
    12/28/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Taylr Harlos-Crafton
    I love Airpark. I worked with Cameron and Levi to buy a brand new truck and I couldn't be happier with the purchase. Everything went smoothly and I got exactly what I wanted. I recommend Levi and Cameron 100% | Read Full Review
    12/28/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Dr Growshow
    Bought my Durango at Airpark was very smooth process. We were able to find our vehicle within a short period of time.Mario Perez helped me get a vehicle that was perfect for the Family. We Also appreciate the work Ethan did for us on Vehicle price. | Read Full Review
    12/28/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Huizhi_
    Rob was a great man!! Helped me with my first hellcat purchase!!!! | Read Full Review
    12/23/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Kevin Reyes
    Rob helped online to selected a charger for myself!!! | Read Full Review
    12/23/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Alejandra Salazar
    Best people so kind and caring! | Read Full Review
    12/20/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Andrea Hunter
    I had an amazing experience here. Lucas was such a great help and super sweet! He really takes the time to make you feel comfortable and taken care of. Definitely coming back for my future vehicle needs. | Read Full Review
    12/20/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ raymond Adams
    When I went to Airpark dodge to buy a new car Rob was a great salesman made my buying my jeep Cherokee experience wonderful and the detail took a while but was very clean car | Read Full Review
    12/19/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ TODD ROSS
    Great experience at Airpark Jeep. I was able to purchase a Jeep Grand Cherokee last weekend. Salesman Rob Toma is a rock star! He was able to get me the deal I was looking for. I would highly recommend. | Read Full Review
    12/12/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Jessica Lee
    I’ve never been more pleased with a car dealership. Their customer service speaks for itself. I could not have found a better place to bring our family vehicle. Richard in the service department is amazing and Gabriel has been helping us get into a new vehicle with all our family needs. Highly recommend for anyone suffering from “ca | Read Full Review
    12/12/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Jessa Newell
    Rob was amazing! Got us such an amazing car on a brand new car. He was so nice and helpful, made everything easy. Definitely recommend him! | Read Full Review
    12/11/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Gerardo Mascorro
    Rob was awesome! He was so nice and took our financial situation in mind and got us into a new car and took care of service for our old car. Definitely recommend Rob for getting a new car! | Read Full Review
    12/11/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Alicia Mills
    Rob T. Was AMAZING. Thank you for getting me my new Jeep! | Read Full Review
    12/9/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ Steven Getz
    Awful follow through and customer service. It’s sales, they care about money and the next sale. Wouldn’t work with Ryan or Gabrielle again, literally anyone or an automated text service would better. 3 weeks and still waiting on basic paperwork | Read Full Review
    12/8/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ Jennifer Hughes
    I purchased a truck here with a "we-owe" for a chipped windshield. It has been over a year and they never repaired the windshield. I have reported them to the BBB and they still won't take care of what they committed to fix. Not to mention, I have taken my other car here for service and it takes them an average of 6-8 hours to do | Read Full Review
    12/4/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ blanca gutierrez
    I would like to praise Ashlyn Kirk for making my visit there a good one. She was patient and attentive. Thank you Ashlyn and keep up the good work!!!! | Read Full Review
    11/30/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Edgar Garcia
    Bought a NEW Jeep Wrangler for my wife from Rob Toma, it was a great experience he was very helpful. Will contact rob for a vehicle for my daughter very soon. Thanks Rob | Read Full Review
    11/30/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ glen roberts
    I bought a Jeep from Luke start to finish it was the best experience I have ever had buying a car. Go ask for Luke you wont be disappointed. | Read Full Review
    11/30/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Renz
    I just recently bought a 2013 Honda civic from a sales lady Ashlynn and let me tell you she was good at her job! She even brought the car to me and it was a 3 hour drive!! If you guys need anything I would ask for her she is perfect and knows how to do her job | Read Full Review
    11/30/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Julien Kirk
    the only person you should buy a car from is Ashlynn, she’s awesome! | Read Full Review
    11/30/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Lesleeann Switzer
    Okay experience. | Read Full Review
    11/30/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ James Mackey
    Bought a from Rob and I will leave it at this. He is my new and going to only guy I go to whenever I need a vehicle. Thank you | Read Full Review
    11/29/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Steven Ehlert
    Amazing service, staff took time to work with me! I recommend Airpark Dodge | Read Full Review
    11/29/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ Afur35
    NEVER get service done at this location! I'd give 0 if I could. Lack of Customer Service, Lack of Communication, and utter disrespect for their customer's time runs rampant here. Expect to hear "Well I don't know anything about that." or "That person is not here today". I had to go in 4X to get 1 single issue fixed. The buck was alwa | Read Full Review
    11/16/2022 12:00:00 AM | DealerRater
  • ★★★★★ CAITLIN TAEU
    Rob Toma was great! He helped me lower my payment and was super fast and efficient. | Read Full Review
    11/15/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ markell briggs
    Rob toma was Great !!! Helped me a lot super friendly and personable! Love that guy ! | Read Full Review
    11/15/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ CBASS2431
    Bought a jeep that was "certified" and in two month I have dead batteries that the dealership refuses to replace. I am still in my 90 day window and they still will not accommodate me. Service is the worst everywhere I turned. I wouldn't buy or even have them put air in my tires. | Read Full Review
    11/14/2022 12:00:00 AM | DealerRater
  • ★★★★★ Alonzo Cohen
    Rob is the man for helping me buying my first car, thank you. | Read Full Review
    11/11/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Traci Dermer
    Purchased a 2022 Jeep Compass. Luke was awesome! Not your typical car buying experience right now. No dealer above market adjustment. Worked with us on price and no pressure to buy. Excellent experience. | Read Full Review
    11/6/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ rebecca akat
    Bought my jeep compass from airpark and am super happy with it! Ashlynn was amazing to work with-- super helpful and made sure that all of my needs were met! I really appreciate her and everyone at airpark who helped with the process. I recommend her to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle from here! | Read Full Review
    11/2/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Adrianna Kirk
    Walked in to take a peak around and see what prices are right now, Ashlynn helped me right away and was very knowledgeable and polite. Definitely enjoyed her helping me out! | Read Full Review
    10/31/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Isaiah Ibarra
    Amazing experience I had here. Ashlynn was very helpful and patient with me while I was car shopping. She made the process enjoyable and easy. Would definitely recommend coming here and going to her if you’re a new car buyer. | Read Full Review
    10/31/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Allison Williams
    Ashlynn was very helpful and friendly when I came to the dealership, I will definitely come to her when I’m ready to buy a vehicle! | Read Full Review
    10/31/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Bob Wilson
    I have bought many, many cars (MB, BMW, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Mini, VW, Jeep) over the years and Airpark provided the best experience of them all. Well, maybe they tied with Mini. All of the employees were friendly and helpful. I want to call out Rob Toma as he handled the sales process for the initial "I've got five minutes, | Read Full Review
    10/29/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Elizabeth Brown
    We had a great car buying experience at Airpark recently. Salesperson Ashlynn was top notch. Working with Ashlynn, Noah, Chris and Robert, we left with a great experience and will be back. Thank you | Read Full Review
    10/29/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ SeanSkylar Smith
    I Bought an Audi A4 from Rob Toma, his costumer service was terrific. I strongly recommend y’all go see Rob. Thank you | Read Full Review
    10/29/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Jacie Whitten
    Rob Toma helped me get into a beautiful new Compass Latitude. If your going to visit the “Air Park” with out a doubt go see Rob! | Read Full Review
    10/29/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Jae Mccaskill
    Got a new hemi Durango from Cameron Bailey and his salesman Rob Toma. Wow what an experience. In and out and no games. Will be back in the future. Dog Haus? | Read Full Review
    10/28/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Mel Salcius
    Rob T was great to work with! Exceptional customer service. | Read Full Review
    10/28/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Emma Frand
    These 5 stars is solely only on Reuben!! He fixed my Jeep when he didn’t have to because he didn’t cause it! He is the only reason why I brought my jeep back to this location. Everyone needs a Reuben and everyone should be retrained by him. | Read Full Review
    10/26/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Alex Brimhall
    Traded in my 2020 Durango for a 2022 and Ryan was a class act. After showing up at close to 6pm, he patiently let me test this beast of a car to McDonald’s and humored me in driving it back so that I could eat. He knew *everything* about the vehicle I wanted and walked me thru all of the upgrades the newer model had (Ahem, those bea | Read Full Review
    10/17/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ DJ Morgan
    I work there. | Read Full Review
    10/16/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ John N. Caruso Jr.
    I would like to thank Ryan Budrewicz who was my salesmen for the purchase my used 2020 Wrangler JL. He helped with price negotiations also after I arrived home, I noticed an interior part missing. I notified Ryan and he advised that he look into replacing the part. I received a reply that he would order the part. When I arrived to pi | Read Full Review
    10/15/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Michael Dooley
    Great service in the beginning. We worked with a great sales rep and manager and because of it they got a sale and I got an amazing vehicle. Bought a 2022 challenger 392. The options included such as the Uconnect app with guardian, in case the vehicle were stolen, were peace of mind. However, my positive experience with Airpark Dodge | Read Full Review
    10/15/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ Zachary Nipp
    Bought the mpp warranty through them when I bought my Jeep. They have refused to do the covered work under that plan last year. This year I found out I needed a new oil pan because the drain screw was too tight and it stripped the threads on the pan. MPP advised me they don’t cover it if a human at Airpark overtightened the screw. Wh | Read Full Review
    10/11/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Emily Moore
    Ashlynn was amazing. She was straight forward, built that customer relationship and went out of her way to get me the best deal. I'm now a proud owner of my very first Jeep. Thank you Ashlynn for being a great sales person. Definitely would come back to you. I have to add to this review. The financial guy, Mo, was truly a gem. He too | Read Full Review
    10/10/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Kyle 0
    Ryan was extremely helpful. We felt like we got a good deal and we were treated kindly. | Read Full Review
    10/10/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Jonathan Trejo
    Recently purchased a 1500 Ram Laramie from Airpark CDJR and I had a great experience. Airpark has the best prices online and they are true to their advertised price. Gabriel S. did a great job on explaining everything to me and made the process very easy for someone purchasing a vehicle outside of Arizona. My vehicle was shipped imme | Read Full Review
    10/6/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ Y Thien Ta Ngoc
    Worst Place Ever. Terrible Service. | Read Full Review
    10/6/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ VO
    My experience with the Service Dept., here was so bad, I drove away thinking I can't wait to get an EV so I never have to get an oil change again. With an appointment, it took 4 hours. I stayed onsite for 4hrs waiting for my vehicle. They splattered oil all over my engine bay, didn't rotate all of my tires and because it took forever | Read Full Review
    10/5/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Ryan Gill
    We bought a Jeep Wrangler sport online from Airpark, and it was a breeze. From inquiring on the website, to negotiating price,, obtaining financing, signing paperwork, and finally to delivering the vehicle to the other side of the country (we live in Miami)….it was such an easy process. Kudos to Levi, who did most of the heavy liftin | Read Full Review
    10/3/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★ Marc Weissman
    Time for a new car. Went to this location to start the shopping experience. I know what I wanted and wanted to see what was available. Met a young man who was new to the job. Pleasant. We talked for a few minutes and looked at a vehicle. Nice. Not the color for me but nice. Went for a test drive. Very nice. Told salesman I like i | Read Full Review
    10/3/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Michael Martin
    Salesman Drew was awesome, helpful and understanding! He took time to listen and was more constant than salesman. Check out Drew for your next Jeep! | Read Full Review
    10/2/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ j3rrygarciajr
    I worked with Ryan Budrewicz when I inquired about a vehicle. He set up the appointment for a test drive and review. He understood that I had a limited time during the day and he worked with me while I was there and offline while I was at home. Very professional, I'll be back. | Read Full Review
    9/30/2022 12:00:00 AM | DealerRater
  • ★★★★★ Rich Crafton
    My wife and daughter looked at cars here. They were very pleased with the customer service they received, especially from levi. Will definitely recommend levi to all of our friends! | Read Full Review
    9/29/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ kc Hathaway
    Times are hard to get the truck you want at a reasonable price nowadays, worked with GMC for months just to get the runaround and them wanting me to pay $5,000 to $10,000 ABOVE MSRP just for the “ PRIVILEGE “ to drive a new truck, so I went back to Dodge and got the truck I really wanted WITH REBATES and less than I expected. My wif | Read Full Review
    9/29/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Abram Bowman
    Drew was great, communicated regularly and got my Jeep build order dialed in. | Read Full Review
    9/29/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Rose Marie
    Went in to check out some of the cars for an idea of what i would like, and Levi helped me out and answered all the questions I had! i would highly recommend this place if you’re planning to get your jeep | Read Full Review
    9/29/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Bri Blondin
    I called in to inquire about the 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport that had recently been listed and spoke with Ashlynn. She was so incredibly kind and helpful; she made the entire process easy on me. She got me the deal I needed to drive the car off the lot and I was in and out in just over three hours! Stellar service from Ashlynn an | Read Full Review
    9/29/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Sam H
    My daughter looked at cars here and I was very happy with all of the employees. Levi gave me all the information we needed before buying a car. Thank you! | Read Full Review
    9/29/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Lynelle Frakes
    Steve helped me get into a new jeep. I definitely recommend AirPark! | Read Full Review
    9/28/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Colby Condon
    Rob was amazing! He helped us get the best deal on the car I’ve been looking for. Everyone was a pleasant to work with and I’ll definitely be recommending this dealership for people looking for a new car! Thanks Rob!! | Read Full Review
    9/28/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ kathleen russ
    | Read Full Review
    9/28/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Kelsey Johnson
    Levi was very helpful. He helped me buy my first car, he was very attentive to what I wanted and needed for my car. I definitely recommend buying from Levi if you decide this is the dealership for you! | Read Full Review
    9/27/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Lynette Fogg
    I went to Airpark in Scottsdale and spoke with Ashlynn. She was very helpful and answered all of my questions thoroughly with a beautiful smile on her face. | Read Full Review
    9/27/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Jaden Rouse
    We had an amazing experience working with Ashlynn at Airpark. We spoke to her about upgrading to a larger family vehicle after welcoming our 3 child, she was very professional in answering my millions of questions and helped us feel confident in our vehicle options. | Read Full Review
    9/27/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Tylre Harlos
    My sister looked at a car at Airpark and Levi was very helpful through the entire process and answered any questions we had. Would definitely recommend | Read Full Review
    9/27/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ manny preciado
    I had an amazing time with Ashlynn at Airpark, I had plenty of questions that she was more than happy to answer. She was very patient, kind, and a very joyful person. She helped me determine what would be the best vehicle for me and my family of 5, I would highly recommend her to anyone. | Read Full Review
    9/27/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Rita S
    I got my dream car all thanks to Airpark! If you go ask for Rob he's amazing and really cares about his customers. | Read Full Review
    9/26/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Mike Dave
    Bought alot of cars in my past. However this experience was the best. From start to finish my guy Rob helped all the way and did an fantastic job. Thank you Rob and airpark! | Read Full Review
    9/26/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ TVMALSV300
    The best car buying experience ever. Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable. We were not pressured in anyway. It was a very smooth and fast buying experience. The dealership was clean and appealing. They made sure we had no unanswered questions and made us feel valued. | Read Full Review
    9/26/2022 12:00:00 AM | DealerRater
  • ★★★★★ Joe Gubka
    I need to give a shootout to the service manager Joseph A., who always takes care of my Jeep's service needs. Just recently I had an issue where I could not start my Jeep and was getting ready to leave for vacation. He was able to quickly get my vehicle fixed and ready for me in time for our trip. Joseph went above and beyond and is | Read Full Review
    9/25/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
  • ★★★★★ Aakar Kesarkar
    David at Airpark was absolutely amazing in helping us with our 2022 Dodge Charger. It was one of our best experiences buying new car. Great job David !! Test drive, numbers and their hospitality is fantastic at Airpark. Mike and Robert were very helpful throughout the purchase as well. Mo the finance guy was super helpful understandi | Read Full Review
    9/23/2022 12:00:00 AM | Google
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